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//  Origin:  Taylorsville, MD
//  Current: Nashville, TN
//  Genres: Country / Original 
//  Years Active: Since I was a "youngin"
//  Label: Independent
//  Website:  ErinJamesMusic
Short Bio

Erin James is a insanely talented singer, songwriter and musician based out of Nashville TN. In addition to sharing the stage with many Nashville legends, she also is a regular on the iconic Music City club scene! She brings that Nasvhille Broadway sound to you at each and every show!

Erin is a true triple threat!  She is an amazing vocalist,  writes and produces her own music AND she plays lots of instruments too (guitar, mandolin, fiddle and keys!  Wait, there's more!  She is a witty, fun, engaging ENTERTAINER who really knows how to connect with a crowd!  Check her out! 


“Erin James wants to start a country music revolution. 
The singer-songwriter said the country music sound is lost on today’s radio stations. And she’s one of the artists hoping to bring back the music that artists such as Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Willie Nelson and Jerry Reed helped create.” - Crystal Schelle, Herald Mail (Nov 24, 2016)

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Label: Independent - Erin James Music |

Management: ErinJames Music |

Booking: Erin James Music |

PR: Mary Ford / Erin James Music |

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